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Sunday, July 17, 2016

HOYA: Tiny Neighborhood festival with lots of tiny stands... ordered junkfood!

Friend invited me to a very very tiny local Japanese festival in Hoya (about 15 minutes from Ikebukuro).  Bought a few beers at Seiyu and watched some dancing.

The line for the 200 yen shave ice (kakigori) was long... very hot summer night.

Decided to go for some wafers with a choice of spread... more of a flubbery rubber pudding type paste.  It was just sitting out in the heat so not too sure how sanitary it was.

Roll the dice and you can score 100 wafers!

Yup, kinda airy fluffy chocolate pudding paste.

Chicken steak for only 300yen! Not too bad.

If you ever spot one of these festivals definitely check out the dancing and tiny food stands.

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