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Thursday, June 30, 2016

KOKUSAITENJIJOSEIMON: Tonkatsu Wako... one of the better options near Tokyo Big Sight plus AVENTADOR SV!

Trying to find anything decent to eat at Tokyo Big Sight is impossible so had a stroll over to Wanza Ariake Bay Mall for a 1000 yen Tonkatsu Lunch.

Went for the Shrimp, Filet Katsu and Crab corokke lunch set... all you can eat cabbage and rice.

Had a little texture to but can't really go wrong.

Miso soup had tiny clams inside... shizimi clams are good for a hangover.

And now back to Tokyo Big Sight... just a few minutes away.

Ultraman Spotting!

And the most beautiful Lamborghini Aventador SV at the Character and Licensing tradeshow!

Restaurant: Tonkatsu Wako WANZA ARIAKE BAY MALL Branch
Address J: 東京都江東区有明3-1 TFT ワンザ有明ベイモール
Address E: Tokyo, Koto-ku, Ariake 3-1, TFT Wanza Ariake Bay Mall

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