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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NAKAMEGURO: Kushiwakamaru Revisted after 5 years and still packed and tasty! ENGLISH Menus!! Super Crowded on a Sunday!!!

Automatic Otoshi... little boiled fish on some white raddish.  Don't forget the shoyu!

All the Yakitori and other items are in English!

Interesting mug with all the Japanese prime ministers.

A great view of the chef and counter frig full of items.

Cheesy bacon green pepper was fun.

Chilled nihon-shu in a bamboo cup.

Seafood items too.

Overall had a great time with my date.  Hope to be back sooner but definitely make a reservation or you'll have to wait in line for an open table.  Reservations are good for 2 hours then they ask you to leave... time slots are 5-7, 7-9, 9-11pm I think.

Restaurant: Kushiwakamaru 
Address J: 東京都目黒区上目黒1-19-2
Address E: Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Kami Meguro 1-19-2

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