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Thursday, June 4, 2015

HARAJUKU/KITA-SANDO: American Club House Hi Daddy for a wonderful Roast Beef lunch and 80's on the BGM!

Yesterday I spotted a very trendy fashionable group of people exiting American Club House and thought it was time to give this basement establishment a try.

Located right across from BAPE Nigo's Human Made shop.

Daily special Chicken Sauté with Curry Cream Sauce.  Also spare ribs, Japanese style sirloin steak, sea food curry, beef curry, tuna and tomato pasta and the one I got... Plate Lunch with Roast Beef!

House wines

The menu... drinks are 150yen extra

2 proper elderly chefs.  

Interior was very cozy.

Can see the tops of the chefs cap over the counter.

Thats my plate.   Hot butter fresh bread, miso soup, cabbage with Japanese dressing, 2 cuts of sweet egg, a little potato salad and some tender roast beef.

When I stepped in I heard Pet Shop Boys!... then Phil Collins - Don't Lose My Number, then Gloria Estefan, Prince... full on 80's.  Rare BGM in Tokyo and very nice.

I arrived at their 11:45 open and had the entire place to my self but at arond 12:10pm the crowd started flowing in and sounds of people asking for ashtrays began.  I'm not a fan of smokers during lunch so if you want to give it a try I suggest avoiding the peak lunch hour between 12-1pm.
But I'll be back to give the spare ribs a try!

Restaurant: American Club House Hi Daddy - Cafe Restaurant
Address J: 東京都渋谷区神宮前2-13-5, 第6渡辺ビル B1F
Address E: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 2-13-5

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