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Sunday, May 17, 2015

HONG KONG: Wan Chai American Restaurant for a wonderful full course menu including amazing Peking duck! Had to share!!

Went to Hong Kong for a company meeting and afterward we had a team dinner at Peking Food American Restaurant... the food was soooo nice!  Service so quick and friendly,.

The menu for the evening.

Shrimp still sizzling on a hot metal platter

This was the highlight of the evening... Peking duck.  My boss is a huge foodie who will easily pay $300 for a 1-2 hour sushi course in Ginza so when she said this Peking duck was amazing I was extremely happy. 

The Aussie Team

The Southeast Asia, South Korea and Aussie's.

Aussie, China and Japan.

And finally a shot of me with the co-workers.

Tsingtao flowed all night without ever having to ask for new bottles.

If in Hong Kong this place is surely a nice choice.
Here are the American Restaurant 美利堅京菜
 details on Open Rice:

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  1. Best Chinese EVER!!!! Loved every mouthful, when we lived in Hong Kong, we went around a thousand times!! Good luck from