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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TORANOMON: Yelp's "American Home Christmas" with Honey Baked Ham! Friendly CEO Paul-san~

Yelp Tokyo is rockin and rollin... another great event hosted by Honey Baked Ham's Japan CEO Paul-san.  Click here for more info on the company (Japan Today Article)

Pre-sliced on a bone, coated in sweet honey and this massive goodness is available online!  Paul-san mentioned its great for home parties, company gatherings or Joshi-kai's.

And they served Blue Moon... love this beer.

My super plate of ham, bread, veggies and a home made mashed potato thingy. Yum.

Center is our Yelp Ambassador Toru-san with CEO Paul.

Tomo's eggnog bar.  He is always extremely generous with his own collection of premium top shelf alcohol.  Free cup if you check in with Yelp.

Generous Paul was making the rounds sharing a few bottles of champagne.

Another awesome Yelp Tokyo Elite event... if you aren't Yelpin in Tokyo yet please do start!  There are so many friendly foodies at these events.

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