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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

HIGASHIFUSHIMI: Ramen Igosso... Chef studied at Ramen Jiro Mita Branch... hmm...

The chef here worked at Ramen Jiro's main branch in Mita before opening his very own shop.  The place is really in the burbs and the nearest station is 700 meters away (HIgashi Fushimi).  So on I bike I followed my friend to Ramen Igosso

Ramen starts at 600yen (+100 for Omori).  Very similar to Jiro you can ask for extra boiled veggies, garlic, fatty lard and karame (heavier flavor).  But as you can see this was bathing in a really large amount of clear oil!  

After a few bites the soup was just so flavorless... no impact at all.  Veggies were boiled extra soft and noodles thinner than Jiro.  It just wasn't great... compared to Ramen Jiro's monster 650yen ramen this place totally disappointed.  My ramen connoisseur friend mentioned the flavor has gone downhill from his last visit.  Anyways it was a full house during the short time we were there. Oh, tsukemen seemed to be a hit here.

Cherry Blossom season is coming to an end... so sad.

Restaurant: Ramen Igosso
Foursquare: Click Here
Address J: 東京都練馬区関町南4-25-18
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Sekimachi Minami 4-25-18

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