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Thursday, March 6, 2014

EKODA: YaRo Ramen for thick noodles... a full house in hea!

A brand new YaRo Ramen branch opened up in Ekoda and I just had to give it a go... was most looking forward to their thick flat almost hand made looking noodles.

Top left button is always all me... choice between the flat noodles or medium thick mochi-mochi (chewy) noodles.

I sat down and a few seconds later this ramen arrived.  OMG... I thought perhaps they made one by mistake and my timing allowed them to serve it to me.  But after a few pics the Chef took it away... yup, it wasn't my order.  A first for me~... guess they are still getting the order kinks out.

Old ladies, salarymen, college students and little kids here for dinner.

Always regret adding fresh just lingers for hours on end. Ugh... but I did it!

Brought out my Sony AS10 Action Cam... A solid 20 minutes of video if you dare~.

Not too bad... between $12-15 an hour.

I love hand made flat thick noodles but these were sooo super very flat and lacked the chewiness I most love.  But it hit the spot and wasn't too overwhelming.

My one piece of Charsiu

There was a very thick layer of clear fat in the soup... you could just see it covering the entire broth. Wow... might need to drink some black tea after this.

A little red spice if you get bored.

If you need a rubber band for your hair just ask.

Its an easy ramen spot starting at a budget friendly 680yen and service was super friendly.  If you need something thats less volume and power than Ramen Jiro this might be a great next option.  Interior was bright and clean.  I don't think I'll return but it was a nice 20min dinner.

Restaurant: YaRo Ramen Ekoda Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区旭丘1-75-1 瀧島ビル
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Asahigaoka 1-75-1

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