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Thursday, January 17, 2013

NERIMA: Yakiniku Jinju for daily special... low budget Chinese masked as a Korean restaurant.

Just getting over a both fortunate (lost 2 kgs) but mostly unlucky stomach flu so what better than some Korean Sundubu Tofu Soup!  Something light for the poor stomach.

Searched Japan's foodie blog to find this spot rather that was rather lowly ranked but hey 680yen for Tofu-Soup, why not! Then I spotted this sign... the daily 580yen special was Kamujyatan!  Normally a very very flavorful spicy soup base with loads of oxtail, potatoes, veggies and stuff. 

reasonably priced selections

This tray arrived as soon as I sat down... guess we all get this for lunch.

ALERT! Several smokers puffing away... absolutely hate this.

Salad was cold (been sitting in the frig) and seemed a bit old... I took a bite and left the rest to be recycled onto the next customer.

I've never seen Kimchee this pitiful... 3 pieces that were extremely sour.

Visually looked kinda good.

Rice was dry and a very commercially low grade that's probably not sold in supermarkets... I've heard low grade rice is imported for commercial use.

The Kamuzyatan was all bones with very little meat... one piece of Potato... soup was so bland and boring.  Everything about this simple dish was wrong.  After having amazing Korean Soups/Chige/Sundubu in Akasaka I assumed Koreans would always make a proper soup based meal but not here... In Japan I can expect this from Chinese shops offering low cost lunches but first time to wander into a crappy Korean spot.

Meal closed with a free Coffee... 

Overall the quality was bad... and as I sat next to the kitchen I could hear the chef coughing and sneezing all throughout my meal.  Crossing my fingers I don't catch whatever she has.  NO Love for this place!!

Restaurant: Korean Restaurant Jinjyu
Address J: 東京都練馬区豊玉北5-31-7
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Toyotama-Kita 5-31-7

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