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Monday, January 21, 2013

EKODA: Nurungji Korean for an ear full of K-Pop and Belly full of Tofu Chige!

Lunch menu posted outside... stuff starts at 850yen.

On the hunt once again for some Korean spicy chige soup~... But its a struggle to find anything near the level of Akasaka (home to so many Korean restaurants). 

Although the lunch menu doesn't have any pictures you can match the kanji with the dinner menu to give you some clue of what the items will look like.  seems the Chige's in the evening are the same price but rice is an additional 100yen.  Not too bad if you are craving late night spice.

My own free bottle of water... Tokyo tap of course.

There it is!  Tofu Chige had a nice rich color to it... and the 3 side dishes looked solid!

It was a solid Tofu Chige.  Wasn't the best I've ever had but surely destroyed my experience with Korean soup in Nerima.  Will satisfy your craving.

Rice was gooood!  Didn't cut corners on this.  Didn't ask if 2nds were free but trying to keep the carbs down to a minimum.


Rolled egg

Thicker textured seasoned tofu with some jiggly konyaku.  Very flavorful

Arrived at a late 2pm so after the beautiful housewives of Ekoda left with their kids I was all alone... Overhead one lady who seemed concerned that her child won't be out of college before her husbands mandatory retirement... guess they had kids later in life.  

There is a large TV dedicated to playing K-pop... lots of singin and dancin.

About half of the restaurant was tatami style seating.

Oh the memories... pics of customers.

Everything on the dinner menu was pictured.   The service here by an older Korean gentlemen was spot on friendly and quick.  I'll probably be back to try their Miso Chige and Kimchee Chige before the winter ends.

Shop: Nurungji Korean Restaurant
Address J: 東京都練馬区栄町32-4 セブンスリービル 1F
Address E:  Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Sakaecho 32-4

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