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Friday, December 7, 2012

NERIMA: Ramen Dai... A refined Jiro'esque with a hint of Mexico!

After another long night I was on a hunt for some great ramen in Nerima... 

You'll have to pay for most of the toppings... all color coated chips.

Top left as usual!  But the light blue is Shio-Ramen and red is Spicy Ramen... they also have Tsukemen.

If you want smaller portion of noodles or fat then pick up one of these labels.

When a spot opens up just place the chip on the counter.

All counter seating and this night was packed before, during and after my meal... mind you its was near 1am. Also a nice mix of women that you will rarely see at Ramen Jiro.

Just before you ramen arrives the Chef will look at you... Free toppings!  Veggies (little bit, regular, a bit more, more and "Mashi" (Huge portion like a giant mountain!), Garlic, Shoga (that red stuff that usually comes with Curry), Abura (fat) and thick soup. 

I went for the little bit of veggies, garlic and abura (fat that just looked too beautiful and tasty!).  Oh, the ramen chef looked at me and assumed I didn't speak any Japanese so he was showing me the toppings to see what I'd like... staff here was super polite.

My Video!

The noodles are solid!  Super chunky and a bit on the al'dente side.  

Now this ramen was excellent.  The flavor was very similar to Ramen Jiro but more refined.  

This is really all you need to accompany a massive ramen... just one slice of tender pork.

And thus the Mexico... Habanero spice (the tiny bottle)!  It gave the ramen a very nice kick half way thru my meal.  Oveall I'm absolutely sure I'll go out of my way to close out the evening with Ramen Dai again... It was a pleasant environment and for 650yen a veeeery good deal!

Shop: Ramen Dai Nerima Branch
Address J: 東京都練馬区豊玉北5-32-9 フォレストヒラキ 1F
Address E:  Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Toyotama-Kita, 5-32-9

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