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Friday, May 27, 2011

OIZUMIGAKUEN: Heijouen Yakiniku... great Kalbi!

A favorite spot for  Mari's family and the place to go for Kalbi.  Its in a very residential Oizumi Gakuen but definitely worth the trip.

Menu only in Japanese but a few pictures to help you... 

As with most Yakiniku spots they have the standard stuff..

Draft and Bottle beer options... It was a Monday so we went light on the beer and shared an Yebisu.

They used "sumi" instead of gas... 

Side order of Kimchee.

I think this was the regular Kalbi... which was sooo soft.

And this was the Wagyu Kalbi for +100yen but it had a tougher texture.

There is a special red pepper paste for a bit of spice.

Very filling bibimbap...

Yeah... was a great dinner on a random Monday in May.  Love this girl.

Reflections... how do we get a pic of the both of us...

Then the waitress offered to take a pic... Arigato~.

Heijouen Yakiniku... interior was VERY spacious. Nothing like central Tokyo.

Shop: Heijouen Yakiniku, Oizumi Gakuen Shop.
Restaurant Website:
Gnavi Website: with 10% off printable coupon.
Address J: 東京都練馬区大泉町6-1-8
Address E: Tokyo, Nerima-ku, Oizumi Machi 6-1-8

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