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Saturday, October 23, 2010

NAKAMEGURO: Lounge 440 "Teppan Yaki with Laurel in Hardy" at ShiShiMaru

Mari had her eye on Lounge 440 for quite some time so she was able to get an online coupon (from I think) that got us A4 Ranked Beef, Veggies and a Drink of our choice.  Guys, this is the new fad... don't pay full price but prepay for a portion of your meal online!  Anyways....
Please meet or very own Japanese Laurel that moonlights as a Teppan Yaki Chef in Nakameguro.  His charm points are cooking beef on the very far end of the metal cooking surface so you get a nice spattering of oil on your hands all thru the meal... for free.  He's a bit goofy and its a pleasure to watch him fumble with the amazing selection of meat and seafood.

Now meet Hardy, he's on the far end of this picture but as plump as Santa Clause.  His charm points are the ever lasting goofy happy go lucky smile and his jolly ole belly hanging over the cooking surface.  

We started with the Salad with Zuwai Crab and Avocado 1,200yen ($14)... I think the main ingredient to rescue any salad is the dressing and Japan has some amazing selections.  This was ok but the portion was a bit small even by Japanese standards.
Next was the Sauteed Tsubugai and Potato Garlic Butter 1,200yen... the actual cost of this plate must have been 300yen... portions ridiculously small but the garlic sauce was tasty!

And so our A4 ranked (Not A5.. but one rank lower) Selected Wagyu Beef Filet arrived!  On our walk to the restaurant we could only imagine this requiring very few chews much like the wonderful selection of Kobe and Matsuzaka beef in Japan!  Meduim rare... ready to chew only a few times... chew chew chew chew chew I kept chewing... hmm this beef is 4,800 yen right ($55). 

We were so looking forward to ordering more food but Laurel and Hardy so lacked the skills to properly cook the ingredients... I think something is oddly wrong with this shop.  Perhaps management is harsh on its employees and just can't keep hold of great Chefs.  If you want a MEMORABLE meal then you MUST goto  Yamato Teppan-Yaki in Ginza.  

One bathroom is shared by both men and women... and as you can see it was falling apart.  I mean if you are charging these prices for your meal they could at least keep the facilities up to par.  Please don't waste your money here unless you are fans of Laurel and Hardy... they were entertaining.

I leave you with Laurel...


SHOP: Lounge 440 (Shi Shi Maru). 
Location: NAKAMEGURO (Right next to Nakameguro River).
Shop Website:
Gnavi (with Coupon):
Foodie Website:
J-Address: 東京都目黒区青葉台1-22-3
E-Address: Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Aobadai 1-22-3

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