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Sunday, June 20, 2010

EBISU: Ita-Soba Kaori-Ya (SOBA Noodles)

Mari and Tina checked this place out the previous week and said it was soooo good.  Kaori-Ya is open until 4:30am so might be a good end of the night spot. 

Traditional sliding door greets you.

Chopsticks sit on a little peanut... its not reused so u can eat it.

Small crunchy fried things are free... nibble until the noodles show up.

You can either select the hot noodles (like Ramen) or cold noodles that are dipped in the Soba soup.  We both went for the Duck Soup but there are many choices on the menu.

If you like it a little spicy just add this "seven seasonings".

After you finished all your noodles don't drink up the Soup right away!  Ask for "Soba You."  Its the hot water they used to boil the noodles...  just pour some into your leftover soup and drink.  I never knew about this until Mari introduced me to it.  Warms you up and mellows out the shoyu based soup.

There are a few tables and 2 very long tables that seat 10.  You will probably be sharing the larger table but its part of the experience.  They might ask if you want to sit in the "Ai Seki" which means sharing a table with somebody else... very common in smaller popular restaurants.

Restaurant: Ita-Soba Kaori-Ya.
Location: EBISU (Near Domino's Pizza, AU Shop, Kinko's)
Address J: 東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-3-10 中出センチュリーパーク1F
Address E: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-3-10

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