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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

YUTENJI: Savoy Pizzeria

I love a great Napoli Pizza and when I get lazy I find myself at the neighborhood Minshyuku Savoy.  Its actually the least tasty of the 3 Savoy's in Tokyo (Roppongi or Azabu Juban) and I usually regret going because I always leave unsatisfied.  Maybe its because there is no Spicy Olive Oil to help the flavor along...hmm...  Anyways if you are ever on the Tokyu Toyoko-Line and happen to get off at Yutenji Station its about a 10min walk.

3 Choices for the weekday lunch menu. (Click to enlarge pic).

I went for the 1,050yen Salad/Pizza set. No drink or dessert included at this Savoy.

Margherita Pizza.

Location: Yutenji (One stop from Nakameguro via Tokyu Toyoko Line).
Address J:  東京都世田谷区下馬1-23-13 フェルテロアール祐天寺 1F

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