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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SHIBUYA: CONA Standing Pizzeria (One Coin Lunch Set)

Amongst all the Tapas/Yakitori/French/Kushiyaki standing bars there is nothing like Shibuya CONA ( in Tokyo.  You could try to hit up their sister shop VOCO ( in Ebisu or their new Shibuya shop KUNI ( but the standing bar atmosphere, thin crust pizza's and House music playing in the background just seems to work.  You'll usually find me and the boys here during the evenings but this was the first time to try their 500yen Pizza Lunch Set (Pizza, Salad, Drink).  Dude, other than a beef bowl or cheap ramen you won't find anything this good for 500yen in Shibs.  (Excluding Nakame'kun's Lunch )

There are easily 30+ different kinds of Pizza's but I went for the prosciutto with half boiled egg pizza.

Salad and Ice Tea.

Red pepper olive oil sits on the counter.

The menu isn't in English so practice your Katagana before hitting up Cona or you'll miss out.  I'd recommend the Mexican (with lots of Jalapenos), Ham with half boiled egg, Gorgonzola (comes with a side of honey), Garlic Chorizo or Anchovy and Cream Cheese Pizza.  But there are other choices: Margherita, Italian Basil, Garlic Cheese, Downtown Special (like Okonomiya), Basil Seafood, Eggplant Bacon Meatsauce, Mushroom and bacon, Hawaiian, Seafood, Mix, Carbonara, Basil and Mascapone, Avocado Pizza... and I'm still not done.  You'll have to check out the menu~.  But they do have one great item that I've yet to try... the Hot Maple and Vanilla Ice Cream topping on a Pizza... looked tasty.

Don't forget their Happy Hour from 2-6pm.

Shop Name: Shibuya CONA
Foodie Website:
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Address E: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Dogenzaka 2-7-5 (Its a bit hidden away so the easiest would be to walk along the LEFT side of Shibuya109 then hang a left at LOTTERIA Burger Shop and it will be facing AM/PM Convini).
Address J: 東京都渋谷区道玄坂2-7-5

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