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Sunday, December 20, 2009

GINZA Kangyoken: Yakiniku Dinner Buffet

I can't remember the last time I had Yakiniku (Japanese grilled BBQ).  When Mari was working in Ginza she would frequent this spot during lunch... she event mentioned she went 4 out of 5 days for their lunch specials (also serve korean dishes).  There are normally 2 levels of beef that can range from 800yen for the lower quality to 2,000 yen for the same part of beef but higher softer quality.  So eating Yakiniku for 2 can easily run +10,000 yen.  Another option is to goto a regular Yakiniku Buffet restaurant that might run 3,000yen but the quality of beef is hit and miss.  Anyways, this spot is actually run by a beef wholesaler/butcher so the quality and flavor was very oishiii~.   We did the early bird 5-7pm dinner buffet with 500 yen off plus Stone bowl bibimbap, kalbi kuppa (spicy rice soup) and yukke (seasoned raw beef) was included for this time period.  The Kalbi was so soft and mouth watering, Mari's favorite.  I liked the ro-su (ロースwhats this in English?) and seasoned Yukke was amazing.  I was all about eating and ordered just water... tempted with beer but needed that extra space for all the great meats. We ordered Kalbi/Ro-su/Harami x 3 dishes, Yukke x2, Tontori (pork), mixed vegetable plate, kimchee, daikon kimchee, Kalbi Kuppa, seaweed soup, cow tongue pork spare ribs, young chicken w/ miso seasoning x1 and some rice.  Oh, if you show them this coupon you'll get 2 free deserts (, we had the frozen Mango desert.  If you want to add all you can drink its 2,100 yen for men and 1,575 yen for ladies.  Great atmosphere, great service and the quality of meat was excellent...totally recommend this place...

MAP: (Across the street from Wendy's in Ginza) and a few minutes walk from Marui at Yurakucho Staton.
Address: Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza Nishi 2-2, Ginza Ins Two, 2F.
Tel: 03-5250-2777

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